Thursday 29th June 2017 from 8.00am until 8.00pm


Read about the team below which will help to assist the athletes to their goal of swimming for 12 hours non stop on the 29th June.





Hannah has experience in endurance events from sailing and was keen to try another event. She is one of the main event swimmers and also the event project manager.


"I am excited to be a part of the Just Keep Swimming team, and should I manage to stay afloat I will be delighted to help raise funds for Lucky 2 B Here and Macdiarmid Primary School. "


"I am an avid supporter of both causes. Lucky2Bhere have since helped the community to help site two defibrillators in my local district on Skye."


Scott is a former international swimmer and is currently putting the swimmers through their paces. Scott will work on developing technique, efficiency and fitness.


Katie will be helping the team with online publicity. She was very excited when Hannah first approached her about the challenge and looks forward to helping the team in anyway she can to achieve their goals!


Sam will produce tailor made nutrition plans based on the specific needs of each of the athletes. She will also be able to provide advice on in-event nutrition as the athletes deplete their Cabohydrate stores.


Jo will manage any aches and pains from the intense training the swimming athletes are undertaking. She will also be available during the event to keep the athletes going.

"I searched for a swimming coach who would be fundamental in getting the most out of what we have. His job involves making our strokes as efficient as possible to conserve as much energy as possible. And to get us fit enough to be able to swim for 12 hours.

Next we needed to have a physio on hand on the day to help with stretches, muscle strains, cramps. We also needed to understand how to fuel our bodies not just on the day but also during training. So we asked Sam Crowe to advise us on sports nutrition. On the day of the event we will not be able to eat regular food as the body does not have time to digest it in the hour off. So re fuelling will be an art.

Next we needed to find someone poolside to run the social media aspect and who could spread the word about what we are doing and to push the fundraising side of things. We also needed to set up some PR, design a logo, get a team kit, and promote ourselves through the newspapers, radio, and any other avenues possible.

Getting prepared for this event is no easy task. Our swimming team are regular folk, who are no Olympic athletes! We have a base level of fitness but this challenge will test our fitness levels for sure. Our training started on the 15th January 2017 and we are following some intense training programmes which gradually get harder as time goes on. Half way through our training we shall undertake a 6 hour swimming challenge to understand what we are capable of and what else we need to improve upon. On the day itself, the hour that we have out of the pool will be spent rehydrating, re fuelling, tending to any physical aches and sprains, resting but also continuing to move to avoid stiffness of our muscles. So we shall use the spare pool lane to keep warm or the exercise bike. There will be a lot to fit into the “resting hour”!!"

- Project Manager Hannah Wilson